Den här coola hippievästen fyndade jag! Så cool!


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  1. Stay with this guys, you’re henlpig a lot of people.

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  6. Hi Y’all,Thanks for stoppin’.My Human Momma has R & K on her favorites. I’ve got my paws crossed for K, but Momma is doin’ her prayer thing.Loved seein’ the snow in the Rockies.Do y’all have cats there? We have bobcats and panthers here. Panthers are scary when they scream. We never see them, but we’ve heard them.Y’all come back now,Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. As long as they don’t behave like a mob. As one who has been kicked by an emu, they don’t need criminal examples. (Actually, mostly they’re pretty docile. You just don’t want to get between them in a fight–especially when there are eggs involved.

  8. We know you're not legally obligated to inform a user if you have suspended or deleted their account as to the reason WHY their account was deleted, but as you can see from the comments (and many of the videos out there as well) it is something the youtube community is asking for. Plus, it's just basic decency to INFORM people who may have worked very hard and gained lots of subscribers and video views as to WHY their account was suddenly deleted.

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